Monday, October 4, 2010

dead computer

I think technology hates me right now.

Please tell me I am not the only one who feels like that?

First off, my camera died. Big bummer. I guess it was partly my fault for dropping it so many times. I used my trusty skills to duct tape it together, but that only lasted a short while.

Then, our 7 year old computer finally killed over.

Rebooting a computer 30 times a day is not normal?
Who knew?

So now, I wait.

It does, however, create a tiny challenge to running an online business. I've been relisting items and such as often as I can, when I have access to a computer. But, for now, I won't be putting up new earrings and new blog posts.

Hopefully I'll be back soon.

And, maybe I should purchase one of those camera strappy things in the future.

FYI--coming soon
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