Friday, June 11, 2010

Visitors and Mums

I've been so busy.

We just had my father, my sister, and her daughter come to visit. Whenever I have family come, it makes me realize how vast the span of states that physically separate us. I long to live closer to the place where it doesn't take so much time (and money) for my kids to make memories with their grandparents and cousins. For now, I relish the time when family comes to town.

It was BIZARRE to have a little girl running around the house. Such a different world. It was so much FUN to get to do girlie things with her. We created that necklace together. She picked the beads, I arranged. And, it was really nice to have my sister, the organizing queen, come overhaul my kitchen. Organizing, just does not come naturally to me. I wish it did. And, I try, oh I try.....

I just got more mums to put up in the shop.

Don't you just LOVE these colors. They are awesome. Can't wait to get them all listed.

Also, I made this necklace for the shop, but something isn't quite right. Not sure what it is. Maybe the orange beads are too big??? Waiting on creative inspiration.


  1. I LOVE those mum earrings-and in all those colors! delicious!

  2. oh man i am loving every single color of those mums!!!!! how fun to have your family visiting.....awesome!!!

  3. I wanted to let you know I got the earrings in the mail and they were beautiful! I posted about them on my blog (tomorrow)


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