Sunday, July 25, 2010

Date Night and a Giveaway

Here's what I wore as my date night accessory last night: Simple Indian Summer

I wouldn't sell stuff I wouldn't wear myself.

Date night was awesome. Went to an arcade place, got a bunch of tokens, and had a duel with my better half to see who was better at ski-ball. (Insert childhood dream of owning a ski-ball machine in my basement.) Then we cashed in our tickets to get some awesome prizes. My man bought me a bee-au-ti-ful ruby heart shaped ring. Stunning! What did I get my man in return? An aw-e-some army dog tag necklace. And, we wore them all evening. Cause, that's how cool we are.

Until...... my ruby fell out.


What's your favorite "going out for a night on the town" accessory? Do tell.

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