Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Was Right

Nine days


Three doctors


It turns out that I was right all along. I KNEW something was wrong. I KNEW he had a broken bone. I just needed someone to believe me.

Why did I allow myself to question my gut instinct? Poor guy was in unnecessary pain for WAY too long.

Now that ALL three boys have had at least one (or two) broken bones, I'm hoping that I've reached my mom quota and won't have to deal with this again. :)

Well, one can always hope, right?


  1. ok, i know i'm probably cursing myself.....but how have I had NO BROKEN BONES so far???? How did he break it???? Is it bad that the cast looks super cute on him??

  2. Those are such cute pictures of him. It's just too bad they are at a docs office and he has a cast on. YOu knew it!!!

  3. How on earth did it take 3 doctors to figure out that he had a broken bone?? Poor little fellow! You so get the mom of the year award:-) I hope he's no longer in pain and feeling better!!!


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