Sunday, May 9, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all for participating in my Mother's Day Giveaway! I hope your day was as wonderful as mine. I loved celebrating it with 3 beautiful boys and one awesome husband. My highlight of the day was when hubby gathered the boys together and said, "Ok, now, boys. Today is mother's day and you know what that means? That means, when when church is over, we'll go downstairs to watch mom's favorite show,

"The Sound of ..................

The cavs game is on today!

Wahoos and hollers erupted throughout the house. Totally took me off guard, I laughed so hard. And thus is my beautiful life as the mother of three boys.


According to the random number generator, #19 is our winner. If I counted correctly, that would be Lisa, who said,
The best thing my mother taught me was that I CAN DO HARD THINGS.
I love it. Because life is full of hard things. What a great thing to learn. I hope you enjoy your gift certificate to the shop.

1 comment:

  1. they are so funny! those boys! don't worry that i didn't allow rebecca to go to a friend's birthday party (in the ward) without me...i'm glad i have you in my head when i make those strengthens & jud rock. we're moving july 6th. i cannot wait! we probably won't get to cleve until august. we're looking to rent in beachwood for now. in august it's little james' bday & when he was asking about his "friend" party we told him we'd be making new friends OR we could do something fun with old friends like the stelters. when i refreshed his memory he said, "Oh! Yeah!!! them!" so maybe we'll have to do something fun like mini golf or bowling together. okay, talk to you soon. hope you are well!!!!


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