Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crazy Woman Here

My life these days feels an awful lot like this picture. Swamped by the daily grind.

This winter got to me. I feel like I say that every year. This year, I really mean it. Feeling a lack of motivation coupled with three little boys full of cabin fever is not a great combination.

It's a good thing these boys have such a great dad. He understands them in ways I never will. One day we were driving in the car and the boys were in the back making boy noises, you know, super hero noises, car noises, ninja noises, etc. It's so foreign to me. I have nothing from my own youth to relate to this. My husband just smiled and understood them.

First time filling out brackets with the boys. They were SO sad when their team lost. There were even some tears shed.

We found the disneyland jar thief. We are trying to save up to get the boys to disneyland before they are teenagers. :)

We have one little one not quite as committed to the cause.

I found handfuls of change in each of his side pockets. Should I be concerned?

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