Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Runaway

Easter 2011

We had one little one that didn't really want his picture taken.
(Ok, well, all of them didn't really want their picture taken, but he was the only one who dared cross this mother.)

The bow tie sewing experience turned out to be a lot less painful, and time consuming than the last time I made them. I don't know why sewing gives me anxiety. Might have something to do with this internal guilt I carry from 8th grade sewing class where I didn't finish my final skirt project because of my countless failed attempts at putting in a zipper. I can still see that purple material in one hand and that purple zipper in another.

I hate the word zipper.

I love the word velcro.


  1. i love the bow ties sara!!! and all the boys look so handsome! we miss you guys tons! are you going to be out west at all this year???

  2. Cute ties and even cuter family!

  3. Hey I found you by looking at your Etsy shop. I am really wanting to order some things from there and get them shipped off for Mothers day asap. I had a few questions though. Like can I get the nest necklace with 4 blue beads, and do you sell any chains? And can I make one order from you but have them sent to different addresses? If you could let me know soon that would be awesome...you have some super cute stuff. Love it. my name is Hannah and my email is oyler.hannah@hotmail.com


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