Friday, April 9, 2010

post baby

It's finally time to get going again. Which is always the hardest thing for me to do.

I put on the running shoes and the exercise clothing this morning. Something about just putting them on makes me feel healthier. Though I'm really not.

It was drizzling a bit when I headed out. I love running in the drizzle. I don't love running in a heavy rain, though.

I shouldn't even say the word run. Because I don't really run. More like fast walk/slow jog. But, whatever. It makes me breathe hard. It makes my lungs hurt. It makes my knees ache. So, I guess that's good right? It's good for the body to be exerted. Good for the mind too. Good for this mom.


  1. that's more than i've done! i think i put my running shoes on a few weeks ago to garden....and before that it had probably been a year. oh well.

  2. oh this is so me! i have been so lazy the last week, but i am back on track tomorrow. let's try to catch up this week...i loved your message & maybe i have listened to it more than once.:) miss you!

  3. ps--i need to do a giveaway on my blog like kendra about this week sometime? enlighten me on how to do that! or i'll figure it out in the next few days...unless you want to wait another week or so...whatever works for me!


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